Art Group

Hankerton Art Group (HAG) was started in April 2015 by Craig McCallum, membership is open to anybody, experienced artist or beginner, who just wishes to spend an afternoon with other enthusiasts enjoying a natter and a cuppa, whilst doing some painting or sketching. We usually meet in each other’s homes fortnightly on an informal rotating basis. 

For further information contact: Craig McCallum

01666 577591
19 Follyfield

Hankerton Art Group have been busy during 2021/2022 we hope you enjoy this selection of their work

On the range – Steve
Hankerton daffodils

Percy Peacock – Linda

…… and a back view

Colourful alliums – Susan

Brian – Chris

Coco – Chris

There be dragons – Anne

Parrot on silk – Linda

Misty morning – Susan

Summer memories – Anne

Distant hills – Susan

Superworm – Linda

Ready for take-off – Steve

Rhinos – Steve

Hazelnut – Anne

Memories of our Late Queen – Chris

Previous Art Group displays

In 2020/2021 lockdowns didn’t stop our art

Early sign of spring

Anne – pastel

Spring crocus

Pam – acrylic

Crocheted birds


Barney the owl

Linda – crochet

On the way home

Steve – watercolour

Hankerton copse with ice

Pam – acrylics


Chris – gouache

Can you spot the difference

Chris – gouache

Grandson Jack

Chris – gouache

Great granddaughter Bella

Chris – gouache

Great granddaughter Lola

Chris – gouache

Approaching storm

Anne – acrylics

Winter sunset

Anne – acrylics

Distant mountains

Pam – acrylics

Rejuvenated lampshade on a fishy theme


Red eyed tree frog

Linda – Silk painting


Chris – gouache


Pam – acrylic ink

Sunset over flooded Hankerton field

Anne – acrylic ink

Below is a selection of our work from 2020.

Portraits by Chris – all gouache







A variety of subjects to end the year

Male Cassowary. The colours and unusual anatomical features attracted me to the subject, plus the slightly threatening look in his eye!

Steve – watercolour

Lavender fields

Pam – acrylics

A mast year for berries in Hankerton

Anne – gouache

Group Activity

We had the idea of taking one photograph and each using it in our own way.

Photograph used on the left is of acer leaves at Westonbirt Arboretum.

Digital jpeg image at 180dpi, taken using a Panasonic DMC-TZ80 camera. ISO speed 160, taken at 1/60 sec, with f number 3.3. MJG

Lockdown in Hankerton inspired the work below (All Anne)

Hankerton copse early in lockdown with leaves just showing

Pen and Wash

The bluebells put on a great display these are just outside Follyfield


Even the wisteria survived a late frost


Cloatley Meadow in high summer with wonderful wild flowers


Then autumn arrived and Hankerton was awash with apples


Thinking of landscapes further afield

Snowy mountains

Oils – Craig

Hills a bit closer to home

Ink – Pam

Where ever you want it to be

Using monoprints produced on a vintage flatbed printer using oil based printing ink on BFK Rives linen based paper from France.  The random nature of the prints lends them to being cut up into triptychs or torn up into abstract works reflecting nature – Susan. 

English stream in late summer

Watercolour – Anne

Lady in Lavender.

A departure from my usual landscape or wildlife subject, featuring a human figure – albeit not much more than a dress and a hat!

Watercolour – Steve 

Moored yacht on a lake.

Watercolour – Steve. 

Something totally different

Stroll on a beach

Watercolour – Steve

The composition and colours in a newspaper photo suggested an interesting subject, but perhaps more challenging as it included a face as well. I was pleased with how it turned out though, even if the facial likeness was not quite as per photo.